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Kia Ora, I was born on 23 July 1972 in Taumarunui (New Zealand).

I chose Art as one of my NZQA examination subjects, and had painting lessons at a very young age. Art has always been a passion of mine and I love to express it through my paintings.

In April 2000, at the age of 27, I broke my neck in a head on tackle while playing rugby. I suffered a comminuted fracture of cervical vertebrae C4 and C5. As a result,  I could only move my head and limited have arm movement.

Later, I got to know the MFPA student artist and mouth painter Wayne Te Rangi, who introduced me to mouth painting. During an occupational therapy session at the ‘Otara’ centre for spinal cord injury in May 2011, I first began to intensively concentrate on mouth painting.

Today I am receiving regular painting lessons from Robyn Payne (retired art teacher). Who has helped me advance my painting skills immensely. I have found great inspiration in mouth painting and have succeeded in creating many original pictures. Painting has taught me patience  and l would love to improve as a realistic portrait and scenery artist Plus my Māori culture plays a big part in my art work.

Nga Mihi.

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