What is MFPA NZ?

At its core, MFPA NZ is a collective of accomplished and student artists who, due to disability or disease, cannot create their works of art with their hands, but have to use their mouths or their feet. We operate as a for-profit that provides our physically disabled artists with a means to be financially independent.

When did MFPA NZ start?

We have been operating in New Zealand since 1961 but the roots of the MFPA go back to 1956 when Erich Stegmann, a polio-stricken mouth painter, gathered a small band of disabled artists from eight European countries. Together they formed our parent body; the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (VDMFK).

Is the MFPA NZ part of a global organisation?

We are part of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (VDMFK) based in Liechtenstein. You can find more information at vdmfk.com/en/.

Who owns MFPA NZ?

We are owned by our parent body, the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (VDMFK).The VDMFK is an association and is supported by the mouth and foot painting members. This self-help organisation does not belong to either a natural or legal person. The reason for its existence is to promote and support existing and future mouth and foot painting artists.

Is MFPA NZ a charity?

The word “charity” was as abhorrent as the word “pity” to our founder Erich Stegmann. He firmly believed that MFPA must never be regarded as a charity simply because its members are disabled. As such, the organisation maintains that it is not a charity and does not qualify for charitable assistance. 

NB: Purchases cannot be claimed as a charitable donation for tax purposes.

Does MFPA NZ support charities?

We take corporate social responsibility seriously. We do our bit to support a variety of local charities here in New Zealand. 

How many mouth and foot painters are in NZ?

We currently have 18 artists here in New Zealand. All are mouth painters except Gayle Russell who paints using her foot.

Where do the mouth and foot artists work?

As our artists are spread across the country and have various mobility and health constraints they all work from home or private art studios. You can find out more about the individual artists here.

How can I see an artist’s paintings?

You’ll find our artist’s stories, examples of their artwork and products featuring their art here.

How can I see the mouth and foot artists paint?

Keep an eye on our events calendar and/or our Facebook page for up-to-date details on where you can find us. We hold exhibitions, artist-in-residence events, and demonstrations as well as participate in large public events such as the Royal Easter Show in Auckland and Queensland’s Ekka.

If I want to speak with an artist how can I contact them?

Let us know who you would like to contact by submitting this form and we’ll pass your contact information on to that artist. Alternatively, many of our artists have their own public Facebook pages and you’re welcome to contact them there.

How do I buy products?

There are two ways:

Firstly, this website is your one-stop-shop for all things Mouth and Foot Painting Artists New Zealand. You can peruse our range of products and make purchases here

Secondly, in the nearly 60 years we’ve been in New Zealand thousands of New Zealanders have received our cards and calendars in the mail by way of annual mid-year and Christmas mail-outs. To pay for a set received in the mail, click here. If you would like to be included on the mailing list, please let us know here.

If I receive an unpaid set in the mail, how do I pay for it?

To pay for a set received in the mail, click here.  We accept both card payment and bank deposit.

How do I buy an original artwork?

You’ll find originals for purchase here. The sale of an original is managed solely by the artist. You can register your interest for a piece on the listing and the artist will be in touch. 

How do I buy a fine art print?

You’ll find prints for purchase here. We have a range of artwork to choose from by local and international mouth and foot painters. You have the choice between 220gsm matte art paper and stretched canvas, various sizes and whether it comes framed or unframed.

Is my personal information secure online?

Absolutely. We understand your personal information is confidential and we are committed to protecting it. See our privacy policy for more detail.

Where do you ship products?

We ship New Zealand wide.

How much does it cost to ship an order?

It’s free! No matter the size of your order, big or small, we’ve got shipping covered.  

How long will my order take to arrive?

Once we have received your order we get onto processing and packing it right away. New Zealand Post aims to deliver standard mail within three working days but as we can’t guarantee this we typically say to expect your order within 5-10 business days. 

How do I return an item?

Just seal the item back into the original packaging, mark the parcel Return to Sender and pop it in the post.

What can MFPA do for my business/organisation?

We understand that companies are always looking for ways to recognise their staff, provide gifts for loyal customers and find ways to add pizzazz or a point of difference to their events or conferences. Get in touch via our corporate page or info@mfpa.co.nz to find out how we can help.

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