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Gayle Russell is a talented foot painter who has cerebral palsy, a condition which is caused by an abnormal development to the parts of her brain that control her movement, balance, and speech. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Gayle has been painting in acrylics for many years and is a respected member of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. The Association awarded her a scholarship probably because her compositions are so beautifully created, made with great skill.

Gayle’s fascination with New Zealand native wildlife developed more in January 2019 when she took up professional art classes tutored by award-winning artist Tania Sunde, BFA.

Inspired by New Zealand artist Don Binney, Gayle has since produced a diverse series of native birds paintings of New Zealand. Tui, Wood Pigeon, Gannet, Kea, Kiwi and Morepork are now part of Gayle’s artistic portfolio.

Gayle applies thin layers of diluted colour or thick paint to the surface of the canvas using an array of brushes and techniques. Layer upon layer of colour are built up and that is when details are applied. Her painting style is expressive smooth contrasts of interesting brush strokes. The end product becomes an illusion of texture.

Other interests that Gayle enjoys are her love of studying paintings of her fellow painting colleagues, updating her Facebook account, games, and attending her church.

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