Laurette Yeatman

On the 12/05/06 Laurette’s life changed dramatically. As the result of a car accident, she was left paralyzed  from the chest down .An Asia C4 Tetraplegic complete.

When she woke 3 weeks later in a bed at Christchurch public hospital, she  knew she couldn’t move or walk, and whatever  it was,  it was irreparable & permanent .

So, a couple of months before leaving she went past one of the work- shops at the Burwood Spinal clinic.  She noticed a group of people in laughter having fun, and curious to find out, went in.  Not long after, found herself in front of an easel trying out her very 1st mouth sketch and painting.

She has not had any formal training in her past years, a total change from dancing  –  her 1st love or catering in a kitchen but now attends an art class doing acrylics on canvas in Hastings.

She enjoys it, each and every time she puts brush to canvas with so much out there to mimic and capture.

Artist Video