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“Richie” as most of his friends fondly calls him, was born on January 17, 1982 in the beautiful coastal and mountainous region of New Zealand - Taranaki.

He spent his childhood years and attended school in Taranaki as well.

In 1999, Richie had an accident while he was swimming. The unfortunate incident causes disability which causes all his four limbs to be paralysed.

But Richie believes that disability is not a barrier to achieving greater things in life, and it does not disqualify him from being successful.

In the same year of his accident, Richie was introduced to the world of art and painting by his friend Wayne Te Rangi. A year after, he was awarded The Most Promising Mouth Painter Award at the Bruce Hopkins (a former Member of the MFPA) Art Awards, in December 2000.

Richie’s steadfast and unwavering passion to paint resulted in him receiving a scholarship with the MFPA In 2014.

He attends tutorials and private painting sessions to enhance and amplify his competence in painting. He is currently engrossed with Plein Air painting.

Richie loves nature. He is captivated with beautiful sceneries, endearing animal portraits and fascinating views. He also uses this inspiring figures for his paintings.

Aside from bring busy with painting, Richie also spends his spare time volunteering with the SPCA. He became an active volunteer a few years ago. And late last year, 2018, he became a member of the Committee for Spinal Support NZ, formerly known as TASC.

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